19 May 2018

From Chisman Creek on Chesapeake Bay

With a deep low forecast to move into the waters off NJ and NY, we decided to turn off into the Chesapeake until the coast is clear, so to speak.

The highlight of the trip so far was rounding Cape Hatteras on a very dark and squally night. I've always wondered why Hatteras has such a foul reputation, but now I have some idea. The Gulf Stream runs into the Cape there, so you get both fast currents and warm moist air injected into the atmosphere, which increases the chance of rain.

In our case, we also had a low moving up from the Gulf of Mexico, spinning off additional squalls.

As a result, we counted at least six squalls passing over us as we rounded the Cape, with one of them clocking in with 45 knots, with 8-10 foot seas! Luckily, we were down to a double-reefed mainsail by then, so Petronella easily stood up to it and we were never in any danger.

All in all, a good test of the boat and ourselves. We plan to cruise a bit in the Chesapeake, and then continue on to Block Island later in the week.

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