16 May 2018

Off Cape Lookout

Hello All,

Just a quick update. It's Wed morning and we are just passing Cape Lookout, heading for Cape Hatteras. We've made excellent progress, and so far the weather and wind has been just about perfect.

We are in the Gulf Stream, so are getting a nice boost to our speed. We are currently making 8-9knots, which should get us around Hatteras by dark.

After that, we will need to make a decision. There is a Nor'easter forecasted for the waters off NY and NJ on Friday. We don't want to get mixed up in that, so we will need to slow down a bit. Either poke along from Norfolk to Cape May, or perhaps duck into the Chesapeake if necessary. We should have a better idea of the weekend weather tomorrow morning.

Other than that, we are all well. We've settled into ship-board life after three days, and are enjoying this rare and interesting experience.

Hope you are all well. Again IF YOU WISH TO SEND A REPLY, PLEASE SEND A FRESH EMAIL TO US AT petronella@myiridium.net. DON'T JUST HIT REPLY.

— John, Helena, & Nick

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