25 January 2010

Blue Moon Rising

And now for something completely different...

A weather window in Florida opened up, and I was able to get a slot on the only Travel Lift within 50 miles of my Blue Moon, so I abandoned Cabin Boy for the moment, and dashed down the coast with a Honda Fit full of tools, paint, and other supplies.

The Blue Moon has been swinging on twin anchors in the Steinhatchee River for at least six months. If the Travel Lift hadn't lifted her up, I do believe she would have hopped up the ramp herself... she was clearly ready for some TLC.

Blue Moon dwarfed by Travel Lift

A close inspection revealed that she's in great structural shape, but in dire need of a good paint job. She was so pretty, and so clearly raring to get back into sailing shape, that I couldn't wait to get to work on her.

Her bottom was a complete mess. Oysters, barnacles, and a thick green slime coated the entire bottom. A power washer took off the big, nasty stuff. Scrapers, putty knifes, and a lot of elbow grease got off the rest.

After the bottom had dried out over night, it was time to sand. Amazingly enough, there was still bottom paint under all that crud. Several colors of bottom paint, in fact. She sanded up nice and smooth.

And here's how she looks after two days of work. Shaping up nicely!

And here's a pic of Bob, still working away as the sun starts setting. Not a bad day's work for an 82 year old, eh?

As I always say, if I can do it... if an 82 year old can do it... you can do it!

Blogging on a lap top with limited battery life, so must be short. Tomorrow, I talk about Sea Monsters.

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