20 May 2022

Ready to Launch?

 Well, as usual, I had to make a choice between doing work and writing about it. Here is a probably incomplete list of all the jobs we've done in the last couple of weeks:

  • Checked for weak spots in the hull with a ball-peen hammer
  • Prep bottom for painting (scrub, tape, prime)
  • Paint bottom
  • Find replacement zincs
  • Measure for and buy material for a new water colletor
  • Replace links between swivel and anchor
  • Inspect rigging
  • Replace 2 blocks at top of mast
  • Offload as much junk as possible
  • Replace old holding tank monitor
  • Replace toilet tank
  • Replace manual bilge pump
  • Charge batteries
  • Inspect life jackets
  • Get ship's papers together in waterproof folder
  • Install salt water pump
  • Install anti-skid on companionway steps
  • Replace under-sink water filters
  • Updated charts on iPad(s) and chart plotter
  • Install tracking page on our blog
Of course, many of these jobs required parts to be tracked-down and ordered or picked up on one of my innumerable trips to the hardware store. It's these little delays -- we call them 'friction' -- that really eat up the time. If you've ever tried to prep a boat for a long trip, you know exactly what I mean.

Anyway, we are nearing the finish line. Just a few more known jobs, and hopefully not too many more unknown jobs to go. We are still aiming to depart the first week in June. 

Oh, and yesterday we got our new (to us) Eastport Nesting Pram sailing dingy. Our old PortaBote is nearing the end of it's very active life, and we are hoping this nesting pram will be able to fill it's big shoes. However, we will be keeping both dingys for the moment.

Le Petit Bateau
Next Up: Stink Bugs

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