03 May 2017

The Passage So Far

3 May 2017 -- George Town, Bahamas

After a long and boisterous sail from the BVIs to the Exumas, I'm reminded of the difficulty of trying to keep a blog up to date when so much is happening, and there is so little time for writing. I had the same problem when trying to blog on the Blue Moon during my trip from Florida to New York, but I'd hoped I'd gotten better at sticking to a writing schedule.

Nope. Just as bad as ever. 

Hopefully once the passage phase of the trip is over, Helena and I will have time to catch our breath and put everything down on paper before we forget it (the bad bits, especially, fade so quickly!), but for now, I'll just have to do the best I can.

Anyway, we are in the Bahamas, approximately 1100 nautical miles from Martinique. Here’s a rough outline of how far we’ve come, so far:

* Fort de France, Martinique to Portsmouth, Dominica — April 9, 2017 — 70 nm
* Portsmouth, Dominica to Leverick Bay, BVI — April 10-11 — 250 nm
* Moored in Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI — April 12-14
* Leverick Bay to Soper’s Hole BVI — April 15 — 25 nm
* Moored in Soper’s Hole BVI — April 15-19
* Soper’s Hole, BVIs to off the Library, Grand Turk Island — April 19-23 — 420 nm
* Grand Turk Island to Cockburn Harbor, South Caicos — April 24 — 22 nm
* Anchored in Cockburn Harbor — April 24-25
* Cockburn Harbor, South Caicos to Bermudian Harbor, Providenciales Island — April 26 — 50 nm
* Bermudian Harbor, Caicos to George Town, Bahamas — April 27-29 — 260 nm
* Anchored in George Town — April 29-May 4

And here's a chart of the route. You can just see George Town at the top of the image. Please click to view a larger image.

The route so far...
So, it feels really good to have the hardest part of the passage completed. Now that we are organized and back on line, I will go back and fill in some of the interesting details, before I forget them!

To the vigorous life!

Next Up: Authorized to Navigate

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