04 October 2013

Day 15 - Ships Passing In The Night

September 29,2013

I wish nothing happened today!

I woke up to an overcast morning, heavy grey clouds and a light drizzle. Just like yesterday, the seas were calm, the waves flat, and the wind dead. We braced ourselves to another day of motoring. Slowly, very slowly, motoring our way to Ilha Grande. We should be there by Monday evening.

Today I started another trashy novel, this one 620 pages long. I don’t remember last time I got to read one of these novels, now I am on my second one. Very interesting.

I got the second watch, from 10-12pm, and as the captain woke me up, he warned about a ship coming our way. He showed me how to turn the auto-pilot off and to manually steer Fiona out of that ship’s way, if it got too close. Okay, I guess that could happen.

“The ship should pass us at around 10:30," the Captain said. "Call for help if you need it. Good night”.

Ok Captain, no worries...  I start my daily blogging about how boring this day was and this night is going to be.

A long time later, I looked up to the clock and it said 10:19. Shooooooot, the big ship!

I ran up to the cockpit and there it was, looking awfully close, almost towering over Fiona.

My mouth went dry, I started to sweat. I took my sweater off, lost my hair band, lost my glasses, couldn’t find my head lamp... I do not do good in stressful situations!!! I tried to look at the radar and the ship's echo looked really, really close. I ran up on deck again... oh, the heck with it!


While I am waiting the longest seconds of my life for the poor Captain to climb out of his bunk, I run up and down the companionway steps, trying to figure out the best place to be if we get hit by that ship. OMG, John is sleeping! Should I wake him? Put life jackets on? I think I am going to be sick.

Eric -- in slow motion -- finally comes up and just stares at the other ship for a very long moment.

“Didn’t I show you how to look on the radar to see how far the ship is?" he said. "Look, it’s about a mile away. It will not even get close to us. See? Nothing to worry.” Big smile.

The Captain goes back to his bunk and I am left with the darkness and big ships that cross in the night. I don’t like this part of cruising. Not one little bit.

At least the excitement prevents me from falling asleep during my watch, which according to John, is a crime punished by hanging in the Royal Navy.

I am looking forward to my sunrise watch. At least then I can see the ships and the sun.

Next Episode: Paradise Found


  1. Ships don't scare me nearly as much as oil rigs.

  2. Great reading. Love your posts. Keep writing.



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