23 February 2020

Let The Preparations Begin

While John is preoccupied with seriously important matters such as planning, organizing, and preparing for our upcoming Atlantic crossing, I am also making sure that we have some extra help just in case.

Coming from Brazilian and Russian background where magic and the power of positive energy is an every day presence, I put myself in charge of making sure that these elements are present in Petronella. I want to make sure that between John's skills, Joshua's strength, and our good luck we will have a very amazing experience.

Bernard Moitessier grew up in Vietnam, where fishing boats have painted eyes on their bows. There are many explanation for these painted eyes. Some say that the eyes are intended to help the boats at sea find their way back to land. Others say the eyes are meant to scare off sharks or water monsters, or are meant to bring good luck and fortune. Some fishermen believe their boats are like fish – beings with souls that must also have eyes to steer clear of danger. A special offering ceremony takes place once the eyes are painted, the offerings include flowers, shrimp, pork and duck eggs.

Joshua has eyes painted on its bow… they are facing forward and down, looking into the ocean. 

We decided to add eyes to Petronella too. And so my mission is to find magic eyes that will take care of us and her before we leave. 

Already thinking of our special offering ceremony, it will definitely have a French flair…cheeses, hams, and wine. Maybe some Jameson.

Next Up: A Chronometer for Celestial Navigation

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