26 September 2013

Day 11 - Change of Wind

September 24, 2013

We woke up to a forecast for tomorrow of 30+ knot winds from the south (right where we needed to sail), with 10 to 15 ft seas. We had been watching this forecast since Abrolhos, along with every other sailor in the area, but John and I were nervous because up to last night the Captain was set on sailing, no matter what. However, on seeing the one-day forecast, Eric decided we would wait until the storm passed. With plans to sail on Friday, John and I had the chance to take a side trip onto the mountains surrounding Vitoria.

A taxi that took us to Domingos Martins, a 50km trip and we settled in a nice pousada -- small quaint hotel -- Pousada Azul. We walked about the small town, had nice dinner and called it the day.

The sea motion is still very strong with both of us. Sleeping felt just like on the boat and I woke up several times confused: I was feeling the boat motion but not the tight bunk (as I write this, two days later, the swaying feeling hasn't gotten much better. I wonder how long it will last?)

Next Episode:  Encounters of the 3rd Type

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