28 August 2017

Still in Norfolk

We'd hoped to sneak out of Norfolk in time to beat the tropical storm moving up the coast, but between the weather and the two other pumps (foot pump for water in the galley, and hand pump to drain galley sink) that needed spare parts and fixing, we decided to wait until after the storm to head north.

Then we decided there was more for the grandkids to do here during their Labor Day weekend visit (Virginia Beach, big Navy ships to look at, Maybe Colonial Williamsburg....)

And finally, Helena decided she needed to visit her parents in Brazil for a week. So it looks like we will be here for awhile.

Sure glad we are tucked in a safe harbor, letting the storm blow by. With a gale blowing on the Atlantic, we are living inside a symphony of clanging, tapping, billowing boatyard noises...

Potential Tropical Cyclone Ten
Catchy name, eh?

Next Up: Four Weeks, Four Storms

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