16 August 2017

Coinjock, NC

The last time I crossed Albemarle Sound, I got beat up by the daily round of afternoon thunderstorms, so wanted to get a nice early start. So it was still dark this morning when I crawled out of the aft cabin and started the coffee.

The smell of brewing Starbucks drew Helena out of bed too, and we were soon underway.

We passed through Helena's first swing bridge, which reminded me how excited (ok, scared) I was the first time I had to deal with a bridge opening, and then we maneuvered through the shoals that led out onto the broad Albemarle.

There was a bit of a chop with ten knot winds from the north, but much easier than I had it on the Blue Moon. We crossed without incident, and then made the long trip up the North River up to the North Carolina Cut, and the Coinjock Marina.

Looking forward to a shower, fresh laundry, and one of the marina restaurant's signature prime rib dinners.

Life is good...

Coinjock Marina

Our Location (blue dot)

Next Up: Norfolk, VA

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