27 February 2016

Woodworking is Simple

I was looking for some inspiration this morning and remembered a video I saw a few months ago, which made a big impression on me. It took awhile to find it, but I've embedded it below.

It's the story of a Japanese woodworker--craftsman would be a better word--named Chosuke Miyahira and his son. In just a few minutes, they share some valuable words to live by:

"Every day we go to work and try to make something beautiful." 

How's that for a business model?

"Why I create?" Chosuke asks. "Fun. Fun. Should be fun, not serious."

And best of all, he shares the secret to making something amazing: "With nature, it's easy... Just find a nice old wood. Slice it. Beautiful? You use it. If not beautiful, you don't use it. It's very simple."

If I could just keep that in mind, I'd get a lot more worthwhile things done.

Play the video below:

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