26 September 2013

Day 12 - Encounters of the 3rd Type

September 26, 2013

After a fabulous breakfast of exotic fruits, coffee, cakes and cheeses, John and I took a bus to Pedra Azul -- The Blue Stone Park.

Hiking up to the Blue Stone
The Blue Stone is a massive granite rock, 1800m (5400ft) high, formed by volcanic eruption and is called blue because it’s surface is covered with a blue-green algae that turns blue when the sun hits it. The rock has also many bromeliads growing on it.

Actually, it was quite a long hike!
What made the tour more interesting was Paulo, a lawyer traveling from Sao Paulo. His only interest in this region was the Intraterrestrial creatures (intelligent beings who live under the Earth's surface) that live under Domingos Martins, the town we were staying, but their energy center is the Pedra Azul. He has been following these creatures around the world and this is their biggest settlement in Brazil.

In the jungle with guide and Paulo

We arrived in Pedra Azul, had some lunch at a working-man's cafe, and set off to reach the rock. Pressed for time, since we had to take the 4pm bus back to Domingos Martins, we took a 2km taxi ride to the rock. We arrived together with Paulo and took a guided tour together.

The Blue Stone
The one hour tour was very nice, besides listening to Paulo’s stories about the energy fields and the intraterrestrial civilization below our feet, we learned quite a lot about the environment, park preservation, and it’s story. We even saw a tucan.

It was an intense moment when Paulo was able to touch the rock and absorb it’s energy. He had been waiting for that moment for a long time.

John shared his version of the intraterrestrials based on Dr. Who monsters called the Silurians. The Silurians were an advanced reptilian race who had ruled the Earth during the Silurian Era -- the time of the Dinosaurs. They had seen the approach of the great asteroid that would impact the Earth and kill off most of the life on the planet, and so had moved their cities far underground, to survive the catastrophe. Somehow, they went into hibernation, and were only awoken when the mammalian rodents which had scurried between the feet of the Dinosaurs had grown up to take over the world and start drilling for oil.    Obviously, they didn't like that...

Some angry Silurians

Paulo was very impressed and debated that the story might just be a true one. He also shared the fact (known only to a few) that governments of several powerful countries have been dealing with these inner earth inhabitants for a long time, to prevent them from destroying the human race and taking over the above ground world. It was very hard for me to keep a straight face while translating these stories between them.

The tour guide looked a bit scared a couple of times... here she is, in the middle of a jungle, with three (make it two) crazy people discussing intra and extra terrestrial inhabitants. After the tour we walked back into town and took the bus back to Domingos Martins. Tomorrow, Paulo will change hotels. He will stay at the Pedra Azul city to be able to observe the flying saucers that come at night to feed on the stone’s energy.

Monkeying around...
It was a cold and rainy night and we warmed up with comfort food at a German restaurant. Back in the hotel, the hostess called our room at 9pm to make sure we had got “home” safely. That was so sweet.

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