25 November 2016

Blue Moon Yawl for Sale

Tom Gilmer designed Blue Moon Yawl
Image by Pauline Chiarelli

The Tom Gilmer-designed Blue Moon Yawl is a comfortable, round-bottom, full keel ocean cruiser with accommodations for two. It was the boat Tom designed and built for himself after WWII. The original model was built in Norway and is still sailing strong in the Pacific Nortwest. This particular Blue Moon is featured in the book: "An Unlikely Voyage -- 2000 miles alone in a small wooden boat". Priced for quick sale at $5,000 firm.

Sorry, but the Blue Moon has SOLD.

LOD: 23.00' / 7.01m
LWL: 20.00' / 6.10m
Beam: 8.50' / 2.59m
SA: 410 ft2 / 38.09 m2
Draft: 4.00' / 1.22m
Displacement: 8050 lbs./ 3651 kgs.
Ballast: 2300 lbs. / 1043 kgs.
SA/Disp: 16.38
BA/Disp:  28.57%
Disp/Len: 449.22

Available for viewing in Huntington, NY. Please call (631) 327-4373 or email me for details.

Construction: Strip planked with Douglas Fir planking on laminated frames.

- Gaff main (3 seasons)
- Topsail (lightly used)
- Foresail on boom (used)
- Yankee Jib (3 seasons)
- Lug mizzen (lightly used)

Also included are several used sails, including a mainsail.

Engine: Yamaha T9.9 long shaft outboard with winter stand and Yamaha shop manual. Excellent condition.

Accommodations: Starting from bow,
- Forecastle with portapotty and storage for lines, etc.
- Fixed bunk to starboard, storage under
- Bench for two with sitting headroom
- Pipe berth over bench
- Galley with shelves for dishes (set of 4 included with boat.)
- Storage under bridgedeck

- Tiller pilot
- Origio alcohol stove
- Folding seat cushions (West Marine)
- Spare rope for rigging
- Canvas winter covers
- Full set of plans
- 33 lb Lewmar claw anchor with rode/chain main
- 22 lb Lewmar claw anchor with rode/chain kedge

Cockpit with two large scuppers and two large drains

Profile - rigged as cutter
Full keel with attached, aft-hung rudder
Bottom and topsides painted Fall 2016
Wide bunk to starboard with 4" mattress
Very comfortable pipe berth to port. Best sea berth.

Sitting headroom on port side bench
Porta-potty and storage forward of the mast 
Galley with lots of stowage and dish rack with dishes for four.
Dish rack under construction - now installed in galley
Fuse panel, battery monitor, and 12V utility socket
Mast inspected and painted Fall 2016

New bowsprit 2015, new boomkin 2013
Featured in 2016 book by the owner
An Unlikely Voyage

Next Up: Let's go exploring


  1. I would so love to buy your wunderful boat, but it would be insane. I do hope she will find good hands.

    Keep on the good work.

  2. Maybe swap her for my new build and stretched Caledonian Yawl (2015 and 22'6")?

    1. Actually, that would be tempting if we weren't looking for a much bigger boat with which to do some cruising. I'm hoping my last (i.e. final) boat will be about the size of a CY... something I can trailer home at the end of the season and pamper over the winter. But I'm not quite ready for that yet...

  3. I just bought one and stumbled upon this blog... and book... very cool.
    I am in ri, the boat originally from Maryland then Ct. now ri...

  4. I just acquired a blue moon, what a cool boat, saved from the salvage yard... patching her story together has been great fun...


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