21 May 2022

Halyomorpha halys

Posted by Helena

While the list of every day chores to prepare Petronella for her 12th trip across the Atlantic are being ticked off, there is one chore that never seems to get off the list, it is daily struggle and although I am in awe of Mother Nature perseverance, I am at the same time so done with Petronella's new tenant ... the Halyomorpha halys, a.k.a. the brown marmorated stink bug.

Last fall, while preparing Petronella for her winter slumber, these little creatures were all over the deck, the windows, the masts, the everything! I struggled to keep them outside and I had screens over the hatches, but our work involved a lot of ins and outs of Petronella and they kept creeping in. 

Squashing them is out of the question, they stink! They stink when they feel threatened and even when they sense that I am coming with a paper towel, or tissue, to "gently" remove them from inside. They stink!

At one point we had to close Petronella for our voyage to France was starting, and so we left the ones that didn't make the escape (voluntary or not) locked under water tight hatches. 

Six months later, they were subjected to winter, sub zero temperatures (Centigrade degrees - for drama), hunger, confinement, stress, I open the hatches (did I mentioned they were water tight?) and our Spring cleaning season began. 

When opening a storage box (also water tight) I found a dead stink bug. Uff, what a relief, I guess they didn't survive, .... hmmm, wait... its staring to move, it buzzed, it flew out of the box... 


and it was not alone. Double Blast!

During the last month I have been removing these awful creatures from Petronella, every one of them greeted with a small panic attack, a curse, and a smash. I don't even care about their exuded after death smell. 

This morning I got four of them. This afternoon I ordered Stink Bug killer.

Next Up: Provisions


  1. Helena, stop sailing, sell the boat, move to Plymouth! No more stink bugs….problem solved!

    1. Hmmm, it seems to me that I know you .. Plymouth.. do you play the piano? as in you are a really good player right? Miss you too.

    2. Oh yes, I am ready for Carnegie Hall - that’s how brilliant my playing has become! Miss you too - lots! Have a great trip!

    3. Did Petronella crossed the Atlantic 12 times in her long history, or with you?

    4. Actually, 11 times with 3 previous owners. This will be our first attempt.


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