23 May 2022

The first few inches of the voyage...

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Well, today Petronella took her first steps -- actually, just a few inches -- on her journey back to the Old World...

The first few inches of Petronella's 
long-planned voyage back to the Old World.

The yard guys raised her up a few inches so we could paint the bottom of her keel which had been resting on several big wooden blocks. They left us hanging over night, and early tomorrow morning, she will continue her journey, being carried to the water's edge. There, she will be delicately put back into her natural element -- water -- and resume her life as a working boat, ready for anything. 

Speaking of working, we were hard at it again today, of course. Today's big projects included putting the final touches on the bottom paint, and re-building our propane gas locker to meet ABYC codes. 

I have to say I thought this last project a waste of time, since the gas locker had been working fine as it was for decades, but after completing the conversion, I see the point and I'm glad I did it. The two main additions were a remote shut-off solenoid, and a pressure gauge, neither of which we had before. The shut-off solenoid (which allows the cook to turn on/off the gas from the galley) is a no brainer when it comes to safety. And the pressure gauge is really good at letting you know if you have any leaks in the system at all. 

All that was clear before I started, but now that I've gone through the conversion process, and discovered several leaks in the new connections that I was able to detect and fix, thanks to the pressure gauge, it's clear to me that another benefit is that it saves gas! 

Anyway, another few to-do items ticked off our list. Hopefully, we will move back aboard Petronella tomorrow. 

Next Up: Day 1 - And we are off!

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