11 August 2017

Beaufort, NC

So! After a mainly-offshore voyage of 600 miles, done in 4 long legs - West Palm Beach FL to Cumberland Island GA to Charleston SC to Southport NC to Beaufort NC - we are poised to take the 'shortcut' to Norfolk VA and the Chesapeake beyond.

Because we are so late in the season, we probably won't try to go further than the Chesapeake this year. We would love to have a bit of time to explore and enjoy that great sailing ground, rather than continuing to hurry north, only to have to turn around and hurry south in October.

So, the hard part is done -- at least in theory -- and we should have two and a half months of easy sailing ahead of us. I'm really looking forward to exploring the Chesapeake, in the Autumn, in depth.

If you have any must-see ports to recommend, please let us know!

Meanwhile, we are anchored just inside the Beaufort inlet, right next to the Coast Guard station. I've stopped here before, in the Blue Moon. A nice, easy in/easy out anchorage, well protected fro the southwest winds expected tonight.

Ah, the vigorous life!

Next Up: Go Away, Girt

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  1. John, Onancock,eastern shore Va: Urbanna Va: La Trappe creek off the Choptank, cove on the left right after the entrence: Seven Seas Gam Camp Letts Rhode River. Baltimore. There are probablly ten more, but these might not have been thought off. Let me know if you want more. Bert Willett


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