20 August 2017

Norfolk, VA

We spent Friday night on the free dock just before Great Bridge Lock, then got an early start yesterday for Norfolk. The lock was Helena's first, and my first with Petronella, so I was happy that it was such an easy one. Seemed like there was only an inch or two difference in water level. I wonder what would happen if they just left the lock open?

Anyway, we arrive in Norfolk in the early afternoon, meaning to take a slip in the Waterside marina, which is right in the heart of the revitalized waterfront district. I almost lost my nerve when I saw how small the marina was -- we might be able to get in, but how would we ever be able to turn around and get out, I wondered.

After talking it over with the marina chappie on the radio, we decided to just stick our nose in and tie up alongside the wharf. Phew. We got a little more practice in boat handling, and are gradually getting more comfortable getting Petronella in and out of tight places.

Today we are moving 20 mile north to the marina we are looking at to get some work done over the winter. Looks like an easy run on a hot but settled day.

Waterside Marina
Three masted schooner

Next Up: Little Creek, VA

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