23 June 2014

The Last Leg

April 18

John has planned this trip perfectly (what a man!).

Today his mother arrives from Jupiter, Florida, to spend a couple of days on dry land with us.

When first hearing of this plan, the Captain was a bit startled, then he asked, “Is she staying on the boat?" (Like, are you guys setting me on a blind date?) It was the first time we'd seen actual fear cross Eric's face.

John and I had a big laugh over that because Gloria, my dearest mother-in-law, would not board a sailboat to meet King Solomon himself.

The journey across to Puerto Rico was short--only about 4 hours--but what a ride! The waves were very, very large and coming behind us. I find it cool when we take a wave for a surf. The boat gets pushed, and the wind gets punched out of my stomach.

Pictures never seem to capture the size of waves
I have been trying to describe the different blue colors of the ocean and inlet waters. My mother could easily paint them, so I have been thinking in colors: Navy, cerulean, sapphire, aqua, aqua marine etc.  Probably more. I will keep working on it.

Fruit flies came on board in South Africa, after Fiona ran into a bit of bad weather, and food and drinks were spoiled on board. We found a couple of their breeding places: rotten onions in the head (bathroom), a lost glass with some juice left on top of a bunk, garbage that took too long to throw out… They have been abating since the big clean up, but a few still linger. Amazing how they love wine. I might have drunk several of them. They taste like chicken.

Puerto Rico is approaching fast. A turtle comes to the surface and sticks her neck out just to take one last look at us.

First look of beautiful Puerto Rico
Finally, we arrive at our final port: Marina Del Rey. It has a large concrete dock. It is so large, that we need golf carts to get to the main building.

We said our goodbyes, once again, to Eric and Fiona. Fair winds to our companions.

Off we go to San Juan… and our next adventure.

The taxi trip was about one hour long and my first taste of what Puerto Rico reminded me of a combination of Brazil and Florida. Perfect.

In the distance, the tropical rain forest mountains, covered with mist and green. The high rise buildings and luxury condominiums, modern highways, poor neighborhoods, rivers, beaches, the rain, the sun, the smells…

Old San Juan - my kind of town.
I am already loving it.

John arranged for a hotel in San Juan Viejo and for the next two days we will explore this town.

Because of Good Friday mostly all stores and restaurants are closed. Not a problem, we were very tired and didn’t mind a quick bite to eat, a hot shower (with lots of shampooing and soaping) and a nice fluffy clean bed.

Before collapsing, we eat at Punto Del Vista. Delicious…

That's my husband!

Next Episode: In Old San Juan

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