07 August 2017

Southport, NC

We sailed into Southport, North Carolina this morning, after an easy sail from Charleston, South Carolina. Southport is a quaint little seaport town with a harbor right in the center of town. I anchored there in the Blue Moon, about 10 years ago, and was looking forward to repeating the visit, but when we motored into the harbor, we discovered that the harbor had shrunk! Not really, but Petronella was far too big for the little harbor, so we turned around and went to the marina just a few minutes down the IntraCoastal Waterway. Oh well!

We enjoyed a shower at the marina, and lunch in town, and a well deserved nap afterwards. This evening, we are thinking about making some popcorn and watching a movie on the marina wifi. 

Ah! The vigorous life!

Driftwood-strewn beach on Jekyll Island.

Sunset at sea last night… Every one is different!

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  1. What an exciting and adventurous life you both are living. Carpe Diem!! Diane and Terry


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