24 April 2018

Fender Boards

So, we went down to Miami Thursday so that Helena could renew her passport at the Brazilian consulate. Before leaving, we put out some fenders, but NOT NEARLY ENOUGH OF THEM!

I really don’t know what I was thinking. When we came back, of course Mother Nature had found a way to get behind the fenders and to rub a barnacle-encrusted piling against the side of the boat, long enough to rub off a nice big patch of paint.


“I feel like we’ve dropped our baby on it’s head!” I wailed.

“No,” said the more practical Helena. “It just has a skinned knee.”

That thought helped put the disaster into perspective for me. With a slightly calmer air, I decided to sit down and build some fender boards.

I think of them as knee pads for our baby...

Brand new fender boards

Next Up: Petronella Sails North!

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