29 October 2018

The Slow Virginia Cut

Like lots of other cruisers, we have been working our way through the Virginia Cut, and I do mean working. 

The VC is a 200 mile 'short cut' inside of Cape Hatteras. The alternatives are to either buck the 3 or 4 knot current off Hatteras, or to head far offshore to get outside of the Gulf Stream before turning south. Both of which options start to sound pretty good after a week or two of motoring down the ICW, or slogging across an angry Ablemarle Sound (it's alway angry, right?), or beating down the Neuse River against 20 knot winds. 

But, hey, it's not all bad. Not with early winter storms forcing us into creeks to anchor for one or two days at a time. We think of them as mini vacations. At least until the meat and eggs and veg and fruit start running low!

But we are almost through to the other end at Beaufort NC, and miracle of miracles, it looks like we've timed it perfectly for an offshore hop down to Cape Fear. We will anchor this afternoon just inside the Beaufort inlet, hook up our Windvane, rig preventers, stow loose objects, and head out this afternoon. We should arrive at the Wrightsville Beach Inlet (yes, those Wright brothers) early tomorrow morning. We'll then anchor, take a nap, launch the dingy, and head into this beach town for provisions and hopefully a decent meal at a nice restaurant. 

The weather is finally nice again so we are enjoying every minute of it. May it last more than a day or two!

Next Up: Wrightsville Beach

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