18 June 2022

Day 14 — Relief and a chance to clean up

Well, we survived the night and this morning at 5:30 we were underway again, hoping to make up for lost time.

I have to believe we have been very unlucky with our weather. Surely it isn't normal, even on the East Coast of the US, to have lows and fronts marching towards you day after day. I feel like all we've done since leaving is deal with this series of storms, and the Gulf Stream. I've never seen such a dismal series of grey days, with rain all around us, and occasionally squalls running over us like angry daemons.

Finally, maybe, we are over them for a few days. Well, we can hope!

The wind is still blowing hard, around 20 knots, but it's sunny and we are headed in the right direction, and are not hemmed in by the Gulf Stream.

We spent much of the day cleaning up the mess from yesterday, including drying out all the sea anchor gear and rode. Helena won't allow 'that wet salty mess' down below, so it's arranged in the cockpit, drying.

I'm quite tired, actually, so will make this short. I'm just glad to be sailing fast and headed for our destination!

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