20 June 2022

Day 17 - rough weaher returns

Well, we enjoyed the perfect weather while it lasted. It was great to be able to move around the boat without having to keep a tight grip on every hand hold; to be able to have fun cooking, and to bake some bread; and even to just relax in the cockpit and work on our tans.

But it couldn't last forever. The forecast said the wind would return tonight, so we took three reefs in the main and rolled away most of the jib. Goood thing we did, because at 2300, as I write this, the wind is blowing 15, gusting to 22, and the seas are lumpy and uncomfortable.

But, hunkered down as we are, we should be okay for the night. We've certainly seen worse.

We are just about a week from the Azores. We are headed up towards the Azores high, which is quite far north. We are not going to go over the top of the high, as is usual. It's too far. We are just going to use the gradient wind to get as close to the center as possible, then when we lose the wind, we will motor across the center until we pick up the northerly winds on its east side, and ride them down to Horta.

That's the plan anyway. We shall see how it works. We have plenty of fuel for it, so it should work fine.

Our friends on Kalyra are having trouble getting their engine started, so they may need to sail up and over the high, a much longer path. Hope they sort out thicker starter problem soon!

Meanwhile, it's rock and roll time again on Petronella. Hopefully for the last time til Horta. I was getting used to that perfect weather.

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