18 July 2022

Terceira Road Trip

Helena and I are still on the beautiful island of Terceira. We've finished all our jobs on Petronella so that she is completely ready for the sail from the Azores to Spain. Not only did we fix the few things that broke during the crossing, but we've made a few improvements based on that experience, to make the next stage of the voyage a little easier or safer.

But since our to-do list is more or less empty, we've been playing tourist and just enjoying life on the island. This week, we took another road trip to see more of the island, including some places that are really off the beaten track. It's amazing how few tourists there are here. For most of the trip, we were the only ones there. We didn't pass more than 3 or 4 other cars, and they might have been locals. This truly is an undiscovered paradise!

Anyway, this time I thought I would try to update my blogging skills, such as they are, by making a video of the trip. I'm a complete amateur at this, and more of a writer than photographer, so let me know what you think. 


  1. Wow….what an amazing and beautiful video. Very professional! Such a beautiful and unusual place…..and the best part is seeing Helena!

    - Carol H.

  2. What a gentle, well-crafted video tour of this delightful place! Thrilled you made the time to savor the riches of Being. We really appreciate reading about this unique personal travelogue. 🙏 Now clear sailing east from here 🪢

  3. That was spectacular. Loved the wild flowers and lava tube.


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