23 September 2022

Petronella and her contribution for a better world

 Petronella and her contribution for a better world

Today, September 10, 2022, we closed Petronella until Spring. 

She is winterized, the deck clear of all sailing necessities and her belly packed. Hibernate and rest my darling, we will wake you up when the time comes. Thank you.

Last week was an extremely busy one, and I am happy that we had Stas, our sailing companion during the last 3 weeks, with his youth and enthusiasm helping us. We were done ahead of schedule by about 5 hours, and this afternoon I was able to sit on her deck and relax while the sun, apparently a bit tired too, was bathing me with its warm rays. A nice breeze added perfection that moment. 

I am sad that this chapter is over, but very happy that with our life style, which for at least 6 months let us live in synch with Nature. I am very proud of our commitment, even if by accident, to her (Mother Nature). 

It is very difficult separate ourselves from the Earth, the Ocean, the Sky, and the beauty that surrounds us every day and night while we are out there. It becomes very important to us to preserve this environment and we feel that we are doing out part to protect and respect it. 

Before departure we try to buy only recyclable packaged supplies, we recycle what we can while on shore and prepare to dispose only what the Ocean can use. We arrived in Terceira with very little trash to be disposed in the plastic recycling bin (I am proud to say).

Our energy comes from the Sun and our faithful solar panels create enough energy to charge our computers and flashlights. 

We use the wind as much as we can - duh, sailing vessel :-), and the engine as little as possible, switched on only to help us move faster to avoid being stuck in storms and to get around treacherous rocks and cargo ships, and to enter marinas and docks. Uff, thank you Mercedes.

Petronella gives us the chance to boast about our carbon-print and we try to continuously keep it low as much as we can while we are on shore. 

Nature will carry on, it couldn’t care less of what damage we do to it, but, I am proud that we, the sailors community, are seriously committed to limit this damage and to show respect for this beautiful environment we take so much pleasure from.

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  1. Kate in Port Townsend, WASeptember 23, 2022 at 12:44 PM

    I understand, and am "with you". Gillmer Blue Moon, "Katie & Ginny" and Vermont Packboat "Imp". Smaller boats who stay near shore and my wee cottage. Even here, efforts to live in greater harmony with earth are too often thwarted by just wanting, without any need, and people escaping environments already more fragile who bring their greed with them. I wish I could be more optimistic.


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