21 June 2016

Wooden Boat Show

I'll be heading off to the Wooden Boat Show at Mystic this weekend (Fri-Sat), to look at boats, to learn a few new things, and most importantly to meet new people.

Because Helena and I are trying to choose our next Big Adventure, I'm especially interested in meeting people who have gone adventuring on a wooden boat, whether it was a 50-foot schooner, or a 13-foot dinghy.

The ultimate adventuring boat
We have lots of questions. Big adventure, or small? Big boat, or small? Where to go? On the well-beaten trade wind path, or to the far corners of the Earth, where few boats travel? Go simple, or with every modern gadget known to man? Is a wooden boat still practical for voyaging (there are very few out there, from all accounts) or is plastic (yuck) the only viable alternative?

Actually, we have a list of 247 questions, but I won't bore you with them here. My point is, if you've been out there yourself, are going to the show, and would like to chat for a bit, shoot me an email at john@unlikelyboatbuilder.com, or text me at (631) 327-4373, and let's get together.

I promise I won't ask all 247 questions.

By the way, the Wooden Boat Store is now carrying my book, "An Unlikely Voyage". They should have a limited number of copies in their booth at the show. If you'd like me to autograph your copy at the show, just shoot me an email or text. I'd be happy to meet up with you.

Hope to see you there!

What I look like, in case you see me at the show.
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  1. D.. d… d… doggone it, John (had to pause there whilst I compared the lexicon of Australian swearwords with the US swearwords to find what could acceptably translate - it didn't work, I had to borrow a US one as much of our Australian "lingua franca" is beyond the pale in the US apparently), but it turns out we were both at the Mystic show two years ago and passed as ships in the night. Would have loved to sit down and chew the fat with you, but not so easy to pop over from Australia. That would have been icing on the cake, but a week at Mystic including the WB Show was a very special experience.

  2. I've been to Australia four times, so you could try some of the more esoteric words on me. Sorry we missed each other!

    1. Try your vocabulary on this (I suspect it brought out unsuspected depth in the owner's vocabulary):



      Spectacular, and frightening, stuff! Of course the fact that they were within a few miles of "Ironstone Island" may be a clue, and the fact that published GPS charts are about 500m out at that location wouldn't have helped.

      But the real point (scuse the pun) is the boat suffered limited point damage, rather than severe crush failure, and sailed 300 miles to the nearest boat yard on a bit of ply and silicone, which does suggest that the resilience of wood (stick or ply) is not a bad thing when a-wandering….

    2. No trouble with the language, but it's good to hear a story about a very tough wooden boat.

      That's not the first accident I've heard about caused by over-dependency on a GPS chart plotter. Sad.

    3. Back when I was a yachting journo in the '80s & 90s, the insurance industry coined a new term - "SAG's" - Satellite Assisted Groundings. I suspect that they are a very major part of their claims today….


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