07 April 2018

Sea of Abaco

We left Fox Town early this morning to take advantage of the strong SW wind forecasted for the day. The forecast was correct, and we had fair winds all day, and a fantastic sail down into the Sea of Abaco.

And, knock on wood, we didn't have any serious problems. I think this was because we were sailing, instead of motoring, but I might be just a bit biased.

Anyway, a great sail.

We got to our planned anchorage around 4 pm - plenty of time to anchor and square away the boat. And to have two G&Ts and a short nap before dinner. Sun, wind, seas, and G&Ts will do that to you.

Nice evening under the stars. Winds have moderated for now.

——— Forecast ———

NW Bahamas (GrandBaha-Abaco):

S-SSW@12-17g22<SW-WSW@13-18g23k thru overnight;
SW-WSW@13-18g23<veering<L&V Sun8 morning-afternoon;
L&V<SSE-SSW@8-14g18k Sun8 evening-overnight;

SSE-SSW@8-14g18<S-SSW@10-15g19k Mon9 morning-early afternoon;
S-SSW@10-15g19<SSE-SSW@5-12k Mon9 late afternoon-early evening;
SSE-SSW@5-12<7-13k Mon9 late evening-overnight;

SSE-SSW@7-13<S-SSW@12-16g21k Tue10

Next Up: Too Short a Trip!

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